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Careers At Summit Capital Investment 

We are always interested to hear from talented people and recognise the benefits that new and different perspectives can bring to our long-serving teams. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all. It is our policy not to discriminate against any individual or section of the community on the grounds of sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic heritage and/or practice(s), marital status, and/or any other inappropriate criterion or circumstance.

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About Summit Capital Investment Invest

Summit Capital Investment  was established in march 2014 as a trading and fund management company aimed at providing clients with the best possible services in today’s markets. Now, four years later, we can proudly say it has achieved this goal. The philosophy of the company is that sincerity, honesty, reliability, and a genuine desire to serve the community is necessary for success, we strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

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Our Services

Among the many areas we serve, Summit Capital Investment offers premium services in the following areas.

Financial Planning

We offer our clients a comprehensive evaluation of their current pay and future financial state. Every hard working individual deserves to enjoy the benefits of their service even when they can no longer serve, If you have your sights set on your retirement plans or perhaps you have a financial target or need to acquire a new home, car, or fund your business and projects . Maybe you need extra cash for that dream vacation , and whatever your goals are we are equipped to help to help you execute the perfect financial plan.

Affordable Plans

Summit Capital Investment offers an investment platform structured for people from all walks of life. With our affordable Summit Capital Investment seed plans (SPI) . Virtually every one can have access to our investment plans. We also have outstanding premium plans to accommodate your financial ambitions . No matter what your goals are long term or short term , regardless of your financial capacity you can start your journey to financial security with us.

Investment Diversification

We transfer financial asset values across various investment platforms depending on the platform that shows potential of huge returns based on economic parameters. This way we ensure we are getting the best results on every investment stake. We have internally developed software programs that were developed from study in trends and patterns within several markets. These software programs enable our expert traders provide reliable market forecast that guide our activities and deliver great results.


Cryptocurrency is the worlds most exciting economical phenomenon and presently the best performing currency on the planet. Summit Capital Investment seizes every opportunity and allows you invest and grow your money in tomorrow's currency. We accept investments in all cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Ethereum , Lite coin and Ripple coin . We invest in the capital markets with cryptocurrency. Ride on the wave of outstanding growth and be part of a revolution that can is poised to change the face of the global money market.

Current Openings

Our current openings are listed here, but we’re always interested in speaking with talented people. If you think you have something to contribute, but don’t see the right listing, reach out to us anyway. You never know if we might have an opening that will be perfect for you in the near future.